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Labourhood is a set of professional project management tools for online collaboration and networking

You can try it for free without commitments. There is no installation required as everything is online. We have secure servers, so your information is safe.

This is a Labourhood board. It shows lists with tasks. Every list contains tasks with a specific status. You can define statuses and create new lists as you like.

We use SSL certificate that assures encrypted connection between you and our servers.

Friendly interface with easy access to often used functions. For example you can just double-click to edit description or any other value of a task.

Professional Project Management Tools

Regardless if you are building a house, running an IT-business or work in large scale project, Labourhood-PROJECT will empower you and give you the control and collaboration you need to successfully achieve your targets.

  • Highly configurable online project management tool
  • Download, modify, create and share your project templates
  • Communicate with your clients and internal project members in the same views
  • Automated decision log makes it simple to keep track of decisions made
  • Register your deliverables, add tasks and monitor project progress
  • Automated reports
  • Qualified time reporting online and in mobile devices
  • And much more


Are you using facebook or sharing things with your friends?
Labourhood Network is the place for sharing with your colleagues.

  • Collaborate in projects and work towards common goals
  • Find, link and communicate with your colleagues across various networks
  • Share project updates - We help you pick the best events

online jobs

Do you need help in a project? Or would you like to offer your services?

Labourhood jobs is the place to find what you are looking for.

  • Write, Publish and Market your services
  • Search for contact workers or new employees
  • Find subcontractors for your new project
  • Advertise your open positions

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